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Certifications, accreditations, registrations and memberships

Certifications and accreditations


RSK Group is one of the few environmental consultancies worldwide to have achieved certification to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards for quality, environmental, and health and safety management. It has held accreditations in all three standards since 2003, when it was assessed by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


Envirolab, an RSK company, is one of the UK's few laboratories to hold United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and MCerts accreditation for most testing scenarios.

Structural Soils' specialist geosciences laboratories in Bristol and Hemel Hempstead are UKAS accredited. Structural Soils is an RSK company.

RSK's construction materials, stone and slate, petrography and geotechnical testing laboratories; and airtightness and acoustics testing laboratories are UKAS accredited.

RSK Environment Ltd is UKAS accredited for the sampling, assessment and identification of asbestos. The scope of accreditation includes asbestos management surveys, condition monitoring and priority assessment for asbestos management, asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys, laboratory analysis for identification of asbestos in bulk materials, asbestos air monitoring and fibre counting, and four stage clearance testing following asbestos removal or remedial works.

Environment Agency

RSK holds a Waste Carrier's Licence that allows it to operate as a waste carrier and broker.

Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board

RSK employs staff with the Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board's Certificate of Technical Competence (COTC).


Contractor Health and Safety assessment scheme

RSK is accredited to the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), a scheme supported by the Health and Safety Executive and available for use by any public and private sector organisation when shortlisting contractors and suppliers and consultants (companies) who apply to work for them. Companies join the scheme so everyone knows they meet acceptable standards of health and safety compliance.

Investor in People

RSK was accredited in December 2002 to the 'Investors in People' standard, a government initiative encouraging UK businesses to improve the skills and well-being of their workforces.

Breeam AP

BREEAM is the world's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, with 200,000 buildings with certified BREEAM assessment ratings and over a million registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building's environmental performance. RSK is a licensed BREEAM Assessor in all methods able to assess all types of buildings.

Breeam AP

RSK are BREEAM Accredited Professionals (AP), recognised as specialists in sustainability and environmental design and highly competent in the BREEAM process. APs provide design teams with expert advice on built environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment, facilitating efforts to successfully schedule activities, set priorities and negotiate trade-offs to achieve target BREEAM ratings. The appropriate involvement of an AP during BREEAM projects also contributes to the BREEAM score.

Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment

As an EIA Quality Mark registrant, RSK possesses the necessary capabilities to lead and coordinate environmental work and provide

  • confidence that we will deliver an efficient and effective assessment based on our commitment to quality EIA
  • cost effectiveness, as we have access to resources including a library of hundreds of existing assessments, case studies, presentations and guidance that allow us to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in EIA
  • credibility in the eyes of consenting authorities, stakeholders and local communities, as our assessments have been led by an organisation that is willing to voluntarily have its EIA activities independently reviewed and tested
  • technical capability, as IEMA independently reviews and assesses our ongoing staff training and development, as well as the quality of our EIA processes and outputs, to ensure we continue to deliver added value for our clients.

Registrations and memberships

Constructing Excellence

RSK has regional memberships for Constructing Excellence: Manchester and Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral. Constructing Excellence is the single organisation charged with driving the change agenda in construction. It exists to improve industry performance for a better built environment.

Air Tightness Testing and Measurement  Association

RSK is a member of the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association (ATTMA) for air tightness services. ATTMA comprises organisations that are experienced air testing bodies that have undergone further technical appraisal.

Achilles Verify

RSK Group is registered with and assessed by Achilles UVDB and Verify. Achilles is the world's leading provider of supplier management information. Its UVDB (Utilities Vendor Database) registration and pre-qualification system is used by all major UK utilities to source suppliers and contractors. Verify is an extension to UVDB and is used to further qualify suppliers through an assessment of their safety, health, environment and quality capabilities, thereby promoting supply chain efficiencies, independent assessment and benchmarking, credibility in the marketplace and industry-specific assessments. In 2014, an audit by Achilles Verify gave RSK Group the following scores in management system evaluation: 92.5% for health and safety, 88.7% for environment, and 93% for quality. The ratings for on-site performance were: 87.2% for health and safety, 83.3% for environment and 85.1% for quality.

Supply Line

RSK Group is registered with and approved by Achilles Supply Line. Founded by Achilles Procurement Services Ltd (the Irish operation of the Achilles Group), Supply Line provides an online database of suppliers that can be used either as a first-stage qualification system or a direct means of selecting suppliers for contracts above the EU thresholds. This ensures that key procurement decisions are fully compliant with the EU Directives on Public Procurement and provides an audit trail on decision making for tender selection.


RSK Group is registered with and approved by Achilles Link-Up, the UK rail industry supplier qualification scheme. Link-Up provides a single common registration, qualification and audit process for suppliers that is shared by the UK rail industry.

First Point

RSK Group is registered with FPAL, the oil and gas supply chain database for the UK and the Netherlands and a division of Achilles Information Limited. FPAL is the key tool used by oil and gas purchasers to identify and select current and potential suppliers when awarding contracts or purchase orders, which successfully eliminates costly duplication in pre-qualifying suppliers.


RSK Group is approved by Constructionline, the UK's register of pre-qualified local and national construction and construction-related contractors and consultants. Owned and endorsed by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, Constructionline gathers and assesses pre-qualification information to provide procurers with access to over 14,000 fully accredited suppliers free of charge and contractors and consultants with access to over 1,700 buyers.

The Landscape Institute

RSK has Landscape Institute (LI) members on its staff. The LI is a Royal Chartered, charitable body for landscape architects that assists its 5000 members by supporting and promoting their work, offers information and guidance to the public and industry about the expertise offered by landscape architects and supplies training and educational advice to students and professionals. LI's members are united in their promotion of landscapes that are aesthetically pleasing, economically efficient, functional, and complementary to their cultural and natural environments.

Institute for Field Archaeologists

RSK is member of the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA), the professional organisation for those involved in archaeology and associated disciplines. The IfA promotes its members in their efforts at conserving, managing, understanding and enjoying the historic environment by working to improve career prospects and conditions, representing the interests of archaeology to government, policymakers and industry, and keeping practitioners current on developments in archaeological practice.

Marine Biological Association

RSK has Marine Biological Association (MBA) members on its staff. A professional body for marine biologists, the MBA states charitable aims as "to promote scientific research into all aspects of life in the sea, including the environment on which it depends, and to disseminate to the public the knowledge gained." The dissemination of high-quality research is accomplished through advanced training via courses and in-house research training, publications, conferences, advice to governments (UK and EU), public education and advanced library and information systems.

Royal Geographical Society

RSK has Royal Geographical Society (RGS) members on its staff. The RGS is an independent learned society and professional body that, as a centre for geographical learning, supports research, education, expeditions, fieldwork, public engagement and informed enjoyment of geographical science. The society works to reinforce professional standards, influence policy and offer its many resources through its collections, publications, conferences and grants for education and research.


Pipeline Industries Guild

RSK has Pipeline Industries Guild (PIG) members on its staff. The PIG is the only global association that caters directly to the needs of the pipeline industry. Through the guild, the diverse disciplines in the pipeline industry unite in their concerns with quality, safety and environmental protection and discuss, analyse and disseminate cutting-edge developments and address pipeline engineering problems.


RenewableUK is the largest renewable energy body in the UK and represents more than 310 companies active in the UK wind and marine renewables industries. As a trade and professional body, RenewableUK acts as a forum for its members by coordinating intelligence on every aspect of wind energy in the UK while working closely with experts in its member companies. RenewableUK represents its members at every level, local, regional, national, and global, through political lobbying and stakeholder engagement, and through dialogues with the media and the public.

Construction Industry Research and Information Association

The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) is a not-for-profit, member-based research and information organisation dedicated to improving quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and safety in the construction industry. Its members include representatives from all parts of the modern built environment who work together to identify, codify and promote the emerging best practice in the industry through research, publications, training, learning networks and industry partnerships.

Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists

The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) is a not-for-profit trade association that promotes the profile and quality of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering by aiming to improve professional practices and management systems, liaise with members and organisations, and represent the industry and its members in professional and commercial matters.

International Pipe Line and Offshore Contractors Association

The International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA) represents the on- and offshore pipeline construction industry worldwide. IPLOCA provides its members with a forum for sharing ideas, engages the industry and its stakeholders, facilitates business opportunities and promotes the highest standards in the pipeline industry. Among the issues it addresses are the science and practice of constructing on- and offshore pipelines, efficiency and safety for those engaged in construction and the protection of surrounding natural, social and cultural environments.

Home Builders Federation

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) is the principal trade organisation for private-sector home builders ranging from multinational corporations to regional businesses and small local companies in England and Wales. The HBF arranges conferences, seminars and workshops to develop best practice; promotes a business-friendly regulatory and policy environment by engaging decision makers; conducts industry research; and provides planning and technical advice.

The British Safety Council

RSK s a member of the British Safety Council, one of the world's leading occupational health, safety and environmental organisations. The British Safety Council actively promotes the issue of health and safety in the workplace and is a registered charity for education in health and safety. It is committed to helping raise the standards of health, safety and environment management to the benefit of its member companies and the community at large.

Association for Project Safety

RSK is a member of the Association for Project Safety, which provides a forum for individuals, organisations and relevant authorities involved in the supervision, management and education of health and safety practices, processes and procedures in the undertaking of construction projects as defined in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007) in order to develop, set and advance standards of excellence together with relevant support and educational services. The association provides clients with a central source of information and of practitioners who, as registered members, satisfy the competence standard required by CDM 2007.

British Drilling Association

Structural Soils, an RSK company, is a member of the British Drilling Association, which promotes and improves standards of efficiency, health and safety, and training and education in the drilling industry.

Legionella Control Association Legionella Control Association
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