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Corporate responsibility

From office to supply chain, the notion of corporate responsibility (CR) is inherent in every aspect of RSK's operations. We strive to go beyond our statutory obligations to be a good neighbour, to care for our stakeholders and to minimise our impact on the environment. As a cutting-edge, multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy, RSK is fully aware that it cannot be complacent on these issues.
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The objective of this policy is to give all relevant stakeholders a general overview of our commitment to conduct business in a sustainable and ethical manner.

It applies to every sphere of our operations, including our subsidiary companies, and to subcontractors under our supervision.

Our approach is dynamic and shaped by emergent best practice and internal and external innovation as well as relevant legislative drivers.

Our policy is based on consultations with all our key stakeholders, including staff, clients and statutory bodies.


RSK's executive board has ultimate responsibility for implementing the CR policy across the company with support at each office coming from appointed CR representatives.


RSK is committed to minimising the environmental impact of all aspects of its business operations. We acknowledge that climate change is a threat to our profitability as well as to the future of the planet, and we conduct our business accordingly.

Credibility in this area is crucial. As one of the UK's leading environmental consultancies, we must prove beyond doubt that we 'walk the talk'.

ISO 14001

Since 2003, all RSK business operations have had to conform consistently to the rigorous environmental criteria defined by the ISO 14001 management system, which demands that:

  • All potential and actual environmental aspects pertaining to our premises and projects are identified; and
  • The resulting impacts (direct and indirect) are assessed and, where appropriate, suitable control measures implemented.

Office directors and all members of the general RSK workforce are responsible for:

  • Promoting and implementing efficient energy use;
  • Promoting the recycling of materials, where practical and cost-effective; and
  • Minimising business-related travel, and promoting the use of public transport and shared travel/commuting, wherever practical and cost-effective.


Since 2005, RSK has been committed to significantly reducing energy use at office and project level.

Green Travel

RSK is committed to encouraging sustainable methods of travel such as car sharing, use of public transport, cycling, and teleconferencing (instead of long-distance travel).


In line with ISO 14001, there is a Group-wide procedure for recycling office and project waste streams. In disposing personal waste (for example, lunch waste) employees are encouraged to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Green procurement

RSK is committed to sustainable procurement and ensures that environmentally friendly and ethically sound products are available in each of its offices.


RSK is committed to conducting business in a just manner that is consistent with internationally recognised ethical, professional and legal, standards and principles.


As an 'Investors in People' company, RSK strives to create a healthy working environment for its employees where there is ample scope for both personal and professional development.

Inclusion and diversity

RSK is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, age, ethnicity, religion or disability. Every employee has equal opportunities for promotion, training and professional advancement. Any form of harassment, bullying or intimidation is dealt with immediately and proportionately. 

Health and safety

RSK is certified to the OHSAS 18001, and monitors its performance through an integrated safety, health and environmental quality management system (SHEQMS). An in-house management team arranges regular audits and training to ensure the system is always up to date. Please refer to the RSK safety, health and environmental policy for more details. 

Community outreach and charity

RSK seeks to support the communities in which it operates through charitable donations and environmental education. Our community engagement and donation policy primarily focuses on climate change mitigation, education and poverty alleviation, typically within our local communities. 

Continuous improvement

RSK recognises it cannot adopt an insular approach to CR and constantly seeks to improve and refine its approach through consultation with all of its relevant stakeholders, including staff, clients and regulatory bodies. 


The executive board reviews this policy on an annual basis.


You can download a copy of our policy here.

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