RSK Group plc

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RSK vision

"To provide outstanding consultancy services,
from an excellent working environment,
by being well-motivated, ambitious and
enthusiastic professionals"


In 1990, the year after RSK started up, we set out the long-term vision for the company. This vision encapsulated our plans and ambitions, and was a clear statement of intent from which we have never deviated.

Around the same time, we also developed and published a set of nine principles to guide our business planning, strategy and action:

  1. Hiring, retaining and rewarding talented and dedicated people
  2. Building enduring client relationships
  3. Encouraging continuous improvement and innovation
  4. Promoting a learning culture in a positive working environment
  5. Making strategic investments for sustainable growth
  6. Committing to strong, predictable financial performance
  7. Maintaining an unwavering commitment to health and safety
  8. Promoting the concept of sustainability in all that we do
  9. Encouraging staff consultation and clear communication.

We are as committed to these principles today as when we first published them.

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