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Environmental awareness training for offshore driller


An international offshore drilling company was looking for a one-day package to deliver environmental awareness training to its personnel in a range of functions.


Through a process of attending existing training sessions, meeting personnel and becoming familiar with the company’s environmental management system, RSK developed a training course based around a series of workshops designed to encourage participation, comprehension and retention of information. The course contents focus on practical application of the management system and include examples, photographs and statistics relevant to the job functions of the trainees. A dynamic, two-person team of RSK trainers delivers the programme, which encourages participation through the workshops and through competitions, games and prizes. All trainees are given a workbook for use during the day, which is a useful reference and also is glossy and stylish.


By working closely with the drilling company’s personnel, we developed a course that is innovative, interactive and effective, and has been a benchmark piece of work for RSK and the offshore industry. The course is delivered to all the company’s supervisor-level staff.

The relationship between RSK and the drilling company continues to grow and the training programme evolves with its management system, changes in legislation and, importantly, feedback from the trainees.

For further details of RSK’s involvement in this project, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting ‘CS0002’.

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