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Expert witness services

The introduction of new health, safety and environmental regulation and legislation over the past two decades has had a significant impact on activities such as planning, development, industry and leisure. Perhaps it is no coincidence that legal disputes in these areas have become more common since the early 1990s. Many of these disputes centre on the costs and opportunities that arise from the interpretation of information.

RSK has found that its ability to understand and explain the complex technical issues that lie behind such disputes is vital. Courts and planning officials seek assistance from our expert witnesses so they can grasp the complexity of environmental issues, while those who are involved in the dispute may require our expert advisers to help develop their case.

RSK’s team of senior consultants has extensive experience of delivering expert witness support in a range of disciplines. Our services can be tailored to offer assistance across the spectrum of project scales; we have supported legal consideration of local, site-specific cases and complex cases having national and international significance.

Our areas of expertise include

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