Blackamoor Lane: Stakeholder engagement services

The Blackamoor Lane remediation project in the east of Maidenhead, UK, was a housing scheme on a brownfield site. The 15.64-acre site, previously known as Badnell’s Pit, was part of a former gravel pit before being used as an unlicensed tip for industrial waste.

The site was surrounded on three sides by residential properties, some less than 5 m from the boundary of the former landfill. The diversity of residents meant that some properties were occupied throughout the working day, so any site activity potentially affected more people than usual.

RSK, working with McArdle, provided a totally transparent stakeholder engagement process, including building community support, a constantly updated website, a 24-hour hotline, site visits, a drop-in centre and training sessions.

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Blackamoor Lane: Stakeholder engagement services

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